Since this video was made the app is updated to save to regular phone gallery as well. If this method doesn't work for you, you can save to "App Storage" which is also on the phone memory instead of the SD Card. 

*Helpful Hint: Screenshots are also great ways to save the photo quick to the phone.

This video is using the old app only applicable to "white" cordless BoneView reader. 

New app called BONEVIEW for the orange corded model has a very similar method of first "Copy", locate folder, then "Move/paste" the file to the new folder location to save. 

You may also navigate to your phone gallery, and "import" to your SD card in the BoneView reader to move files the other way. 

Reach out to if unsure on how to do this. 

Lastly, screenshots and screen-recordings are excellent methods to save video or photos to your phone quickly why viewing them. Learn how by google search "screen recording on iphone", or follow the tips linked HERE.

Videos using the i-FlashDevice app to copy photos to "App Storage"                                    


 Direct link to video on YouTube

 Direct link to video on YouTube