The BoneView blue LED should light up shortly after it is connected to your device and after a few seconds, "USB Drive" will appear in the phone's main notification upper pull-down menu or your downloaded File Manager app's home screen. If it doesn't light up, one of two things is happening: 

The phone or tablet is incompatible and doesn't have the required USB Host Support (please check w/ USB OTG Checker app, see separate section titled "Checking Android Compatibility"

BoneView is defective and you should contact us through the contact form to consider replacement. *This is very rare - as most often it stems from an incompatible device, or the user has a Type-C USB adapter that is only for charging (not our supplied data capable adapter).

**If you do have "USB OTG Hosting Support" and a compatible device yet still the device does not light up upon connection, do the following:

  • Try a different SD Card. Be sure the newly installed app is open, like the free app "Files by Google", then with the SD card fully seated into the card reader, now connect it to your phone or tablet.
  • Always ensure you are fully inserting the SD card before connecting to your phone or tablet.
  • Try restarting your phone with everything already connected.
  • The device should be lighting up when connected. If not please reach out to