The most common issue folks run into is not inserting the SD card fully BEFORE connecting a card reader to their phone.  The phone does not typically read the SD card if it is pulled/replaced while the card reader is already connected to the phone or tablet.

  • Always push the SD card in fully BEFORE connecting to your phone. The SD card should push and "click" into place. It is ejected by pushing it again to "click" out.  If it is not fully clicked into place before connecting to your phone it won't get picked up.
  • If you already connected the reader to your phone and then clicked the SD Card into place, this won't work either. The SD card needs to be fully clicked into place, and THEN connect the reader to your phone.

If the above steps are properly followed and you can't seem to load your SD Card, please test a new SD card with photos on it already in the DCIM folder.

You may also test it using this highly recommended File Viewer app, called Files by Google. Just be sure the app "Files by Google" is already open on your screen, then connect the reader with the SD card already "clicked" into place fully.

  1. Be sure to tap "Browse" at the bottom menu.
  2. Then plug in BoneView with SD card fully inserted.
  3. Then look for "USB3.0 Card Reader" to appear right below Internal Storage in the list.
  4. Tap on this and go to DCIM folder as usual. Open a photo thumbnail and it should allow you to full-screen swipe.

If for any reason you still have trouble viewing photos with a good SD card, let us know and we ship you a new BoneView right away to rule out any internal defects with the reader itself. This is very rare but can happen with electronics.  Hope to hear from you soon. 

Also, don't forget to register under our warranty form and know that we will always back our products for the life of the product should anything ever come up in the future: 

Attached screenshot of Files by Google for reference: