New Android phones and tablets are starting to switch over to the new reversible (oval) Type-C USB port. Our latest BoneView card reader is already setup to support either style connector for Android phones and tablets.

Unsure of whether your phone is the new reversible USB Type-C charge port, you may double check here to see the latest popular models that sport this type of connection port and they should all be compatible with BoneView.

---> USB Type-C Phones

Micro-USB Android phones and tablets are not all USB "On-the-go" compatible like the Type-C phones, so we do our best to maintain a compatibility list to check whether your Micro-USB Android will work.  

Don't fret if you can't find your device in our lists. Another simpler way to check any phone is to download free app "USB OTG Checker", APP LINK HERE, to confirm your device has "USB OTG" Compatibility.

*This can be checked without having the card reader connected to your phone.

When you open this app to check your phone, your screen should look similar to the image below with a green check mark "Compatible USB OTG". This is a necessary function to ensure the BoneView will work with your device.  If you have the check mark your device will likely work great with BoneView.

If you do have USB OTG as the image shows, and our BoneView Card Reader LED doesn't light - Please restart your phone with the BoneView fully connected and SD card inserted fully. If the device fails to light upon restart - contact us direct with your results at for additional assistance.