It is a good practice to format SD cards once in awhile to keep them clean and functioning smoothly. Many trail cams today allow you to format right inside the trail camera menu. 

Otherwise you can do this on a computer too.  Here is an example on a Windows based PC, see below.

If you have a Apple Mac Computer - Go here instead.

Most of our card readers are capable of viewing most FAT style formats such as FAT32 (most common), and this is most recognizable in all trail cameras.  SD formats can get jumbled over several uses, so it really helps to re-format and clean this up regularly.

  1. It can be as simple as putting your SD card in a computer, going to "Start" or finding your standard Folder that has the SD Card (under "Computer" or "This PC",
  2. Right click on your SD Card, choose "Format", then FAT or FAT32
  3. Wait a few seconds and you're done.
  4. Consider copying some photos onto the SD Card to test in the BoneView before taking the card out of your computer. Or just use a camera to put photos on there. Any standard photo will work to test.