(This is for the white apple card reader only)
Please check and ensure you are using the correct app.  This error is most often an indication that the wrong app is being used.  If you need help with this feel free to contact us direct to help you work through this.  It is also possible your iOS on the iPhone needs to be updated. Check your General Settings in the iPhone itself and update your iOS if needed.

*Please check your app by visiting the app download link here to i-FlashDevice app (*non-HD version) and update if needed:


  • Always test this without the extra extension adapter to rule this out.

  • After app is updated, restart phone for a fresh start and make sure the app is closed out by double tapping your center home button on the phone and swiping the app off the screen to close it. Only then, fully insert SD Card before connecting the BoneView reader to your phone.  Then wait for the i-FlashDevice app to ask you to allow connection on its own. After you tap "Allow" it should open the app for you automatically. Then choose "Device Storage" at the bottom right of the app screen to find your files.
  • If this didn't work as described, repeat by disconnecting the reader from the phone and reconnect it a time or two (allowing 5-10-seconds to initialize and come online).  only this time flipping it so the logo faces the back of the phone and with/without the extender in place if using one to. Your phone should pick up the device by now.  This process is ensuring there is any coating from manufacturing over the connector pins preventing a good connection for the first uses.

*If you have a thick, protective phone case on your iPhone you will need to use the included "Lightning Extender" to get a good connection between BoneView and your iPhone.  In rare cases the supplied Lightning Extender has been defective.  Please test this by removing your iPhone's protective case and connecting BoneView directly to your iPhone's Lightning charging port (eliminating the Lightning Extender). We are happy to replace a defective Lightning Extender at no charge.  We also have narrower extenders that are sometimes needed with cases that have a small port opening like some LifeProof or Otter cases.

"Lastly, as always want you to know we stand behind our products no matter what the situation is, so please hold us to this and let us know how we can help make your experience great!"