Most Android phone software today comes stock with a file viewer built in that will load up your BoneView SD Card files and allow the full-screen swipe feature.

However, not every phone on the market is identical, so in this case we have scoured the app market to find the best available free app that provides the best functionality. Of course it is made by Google; which is even better.

Please go to your app store, and search out & download "Files by Google", or follow this direct link: 

After downloading, be sure the app "Files by Google" is already open on your screen, then connect the reader with the SD card already "clicked" into place fully.

  1. Be sure to tap "Browse" at the bottom menu.
  2. Then plug in BoneView with SD card fully inserted.
  3. Then look for "USB3.0 Card Reader" to appear right below Internal Storage in the list.
  4. Tap on this and go to DCIM folder as usual. Open a photo thumbnail and it should allow you to full-screen swipe.
  5. From here, typical protocol follows, and you can long-press thumbnails to select, and use the menu (top right usually) to share, copy, move, delete, etc. There is also sharing options in full-screen view.
  6. Lastly, as a good tip from a fellow hunter on the go, the quickest way to save a full-screen photo is taking a screenshot.

If for any reason you still have trouble viewing photos with a good SD card, let us know and we ship you a new BoneView right away to rule out any internal defects with the reader itself. This is very rare but can happen with electronics.  Hope to hear from you soon. Email us here: 

Also, don't forget to register under our warranty form and know that we will always back our products for the life of the product should anything ever come up in the future: