The latest model Android phones are switching over to the newer, faster Type-C USB connection ports. These are noticeably different than the older Micro-USB Android ports. These new Type-C USB ports are oval and reversible, meaning they don't have to be connected in only one direction like the older Micro-USB.

If you have the original BoneView Micro-USB readers and you have upgraded phones to the newer style Type-C USB, we highly recommend purchasing our latest model Type-C USB version of the BoneView SD Card reader as the legacy chipset in the original model BoneView will likely not be compatible with the latest model phones. However, all of our current BoneView for Android models, either Micro-USB or Type-C USB have been upgraded to the latest and fastest internal chipsets to keep up with all the latest model Android phones.  We offer OTG / Data capable adapters to make any of our latest Professional Edition Android Readers work depending on what your needs are. Just reach out to BoneView Customer Support with ANY questions or needs you might have.

If for any reason the Type-C USB connector doesn't seem to work right with your phone we will have other great solutions for you as well to make sure it does.

Most of the latest Type-C USB phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, LG G5 & G6, Moto Z (all models), just to name a few of the most popular, are all compatible with BoneView. The also typically all function well without any apps just using the native file explorer the phones already have. This is accessed simply by

 FIRST making sure the SD card is already in the BoneView before connecting to the phone *AND ensure the SD card is not "locked". 

SECOND after you connect to the phone, just pull down the phone's main upper notification bar and look for "USB" or something similar. Tap on this and ensure it is selected as a "Media" or "Data" device (not a charging device).  You might also have the option to tap "Explore" or it will go directly to your DCIM folder where the Deer Pictures and Videos are located. 

The main benefit of using a free app like ES File Explorer (rated the world's #1 file manager today) is that it will allow you to "swipe" quickly through full-screen photos instead of going back and forth from thumbnails.

Again, should you ever have questions, or would like to learn to make this work the best for you just reach out to BoneView customer support through our Helpdesk and someone will be there to help.